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What We Do

Happiness Is Healing provides business consultation services, as well as, life and happiness coaching for adults, teens and children. We  specialize in "Happiness in Business" coaching for employers, bridging the gap between whole wellness luxury and whole wellness necessity.

What Services Do We Offer?

Business Coaching Services

Experience the transformative power of a mentorship designed to support, educate, and motivate you, thereby elevating your emotional well-being and enhancing your quality of life.

Life and Happiness Coaching Services

​​​Discover the power of life and happiness coaching services, where individuals are guided to uncover the link between mental/emotional well-being, physical health, and relaxation, while embracing the transformative benefits of coaching and self-care.

Happiness Coaching and Self-Care Services for Teens and Children

Empower children and teens with the gift of self-care through our group and individual happiness coaching services, instilling the invaluable lesson that practicing self-care equals nurturing self-love from an early age.

Corporate/Small Business Life and Happiness Coaching Services

Unlock the potential of your business and foster a thriving work environment by prioritizing the mental, emotional, and physical wellness of your staff. Studies have demonstrated that investing in life and happiness coaching for employees leads to increased productivity and a healthier work atmosphere. "Happiness in Business" coaching specializes in facilitating connections between businesses and local physical health practitioners, creating mutually beneficial partnerships to further support employee well-being. 

Improved Emotional Well-being

Normalizing emotional self-care and removing the stigma that physical self-care is only a "luxury" or "treat".

Increased Life Satisfaction

Discovering that happiness does not depend on outside circumstances. Be the reason you smile. 

Confidence & Healthy Habits

Addressing the mental, emotional, and physical needs of young people through coaching and self-care. 

The Benefits of Happiness Coaching


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